The Science Behind

Featuring powerful key ingredients meant to support hormone health and inflammatory function, SomaDerm + CBD is the revolutionary companion product to SomaDerm! With hormone-based support for inflammation and discomfort, SomaDerm + CBD delivers fast-acting benefits for long-term relief! 
SomaDerm + CBD Formula
 What is SomaDerm® + CBD?
SomaDerm + CBD is the only transdermal
gel to combine powerful hormone
balancing key ingredients with the benefits
of both systemic and targeted pain relief.

This revolutionary category-creating
product combines SomaDerm®, Full
Spectrum CBD, Arnica Montana, Willow
Bark, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

As a companion product to SomaDerm,
SomaDerm + CBD is designed to deliver
targeted pain and anti-inflammatory
benefits to a wide variety of users
including those who experience both
frequent and occasional discomfort and stress. 

Everyone can benefit from this
revolutionary new solution!
SomaDerm + CBD delivers fast-acting
benefits for long-term relief!

 What are the benefits of
SomaDerm + CBD?
The ingredients in SomaDerm + CBD may:

| Support targeted pain relief
| Support systemic pain relief
| Help reduce discomfort
| Provide anti-inflammatory support
| Support mood
| Promote relaxation
| Improve mental cognition & clarity
| Support the body’s stress response
| Support management of anxious feelings
| Increase endogenous HGH up to 800%
| Improve length and quality of sleep
| Improve bone and joint health
| Increase lean muscle and reduce fat
| Improve sexual vitality
| Support overall hormone balance

 How is SomaDerm + CBD different from SomaDerm?
 SomaDerm has long since been a reliable
solution for overall hormone health by
supporting endogenous HGH production.
The benefits are vast and work through
the systemic processes of the endocrine

SomaDerm + CBD works through
innovative ingredients to support systemic
issues like inflammation as well as provide
acutes solutions for discomfort and stress
on the body. As the marketplace for natural
solutions, such as SomaDerm, continues
to increase, so does the marketplace for
solutions that address acute processes like
inflammatory balance, pain, and stress.

SomaDerm + CBD was created to support
these acute issues through CBD while
simultaneously addressing hormone
health. SomaDerm + CBD is designed
to address hormone health, systemic
inflammatory balance, acute discomfort,
stress, and provide relief through hormone
mechanisms, making it the most advanced
hormone product on the market.

 How often can I use SomaDerm + CBD 
and can I overuse this product?
You can use this product as frequently
as is needed for targeted support. Use
1-2 pumps on affected areas as needed daily. 

The good news is that you can’t
overuse this product. The science of
SomaDerm allows you to use this product
as frequently as you need. Your body is
programmed to know how to best use the
ingredients with frequent use.

How does SomaDerm + CBD
compare with SomaDerm?
SomaDerm is designed to optimize your
body’s hormone production. It works
systemically to support proper hormone
balance and endogenous HGH production
with all the benefits that come with daily
hormone health.

SomaDerm + CBD is designed to support
proper systemic inflammation, in addition
to targeted pain, discomfort, and stress. 

 How do I use SomaDerm + CBD?
Usage: Use 1-2 pumps on affected
areas as needed daily. Use in addition to
SomaDerm for maximum benefits.
You may use this product as often as is
needed to provide continuous relief.

Can I use SomaDerm CBD with
other New U Life products?
Absolutely! All our products are designed
to be able to be used together. Not only
that, but they also offer synergies when
used together that are often verified in
clinical studies on key ingredients.

What is the best time to use
this product?
Any time! Use 1-2 pumps on affected
areas as needed daily. Use in addition to
SomaDerm for maximum benefits.

Can I use both SomaDerm and
SomaDerm + CBD at the same time?
Absolutely! SomaDerm and SomaDerm +
CBD are meant to be used as companion
products and are designed to be used
at the same time. This helps achieve
systemic hormone balance as well as
provide systemic inflammatory support.
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